Delivery Information

Kim’s Florist Delivery Information

At Kim’s Florist, we offer a flat $14.99 service charge. Flower deliveries are typically completed between 8am – 5pm for commercial locations and between 8am – 7pm for residential locations. We will try our best to honor any timed delivery requests. If the delivery is for a service, whether it be for a funeral or dinner reservation, then the delivery will be set to be completed before the event occurs.  If placing an online order, be sure to notify us of any delivery requests in either the special instructions or order notes.  We route our orders to a local florist in the area.  We may provide lower pricing than if you were to go directly to the florist.

Procedure for a special event

Orders should be placed at least four hours before an event. If for example a funeral service occurs at 10:00am, it is important for us to receive the order at 6:00am to help ensure that we will be able to fill the order with the flowers requested. If we receive an order that needs to be delivered in less than four hours for a special event, we’ll still try our best to fill the order with the flowers requested.

Procedure for Sunday or Holiday Delivery

Kim’s Florist offers Sunday delivery as long as the order is placed at least one day before Sunday. Due to the limited hours we are open on Sunday, we don’t take same day delivery of orders for Sunday online. Any same day delivery of orders for Sunday will have to be taken by phone. Our store is not open during Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, Easter Sunday, and New Year’s Day.

Procedure When Recipient is not Available

We will try to have the flowers left on the porch if the weather permits it. If the weather is not suitable for flowers then the flowers may be re-delivered again on the same day or another day.

Procedure When Delivery Can’t be Performed

In some instances, delivery cannot be performed due to various circumstances. Examples of this are a gate guard not allowing a delivery driver through the gate or a school that doesn’t allow glass or latex items to be delivered. Orders are typically canceled and refunded if a delivery can’t be performed. Helpful information such as a gate code or the recipient phone number will help us complete a delivery.

Funeral Service Deliveries

When placing an order for a funeral service, be sure to give us the name of the deceased for the recipients name. A service time should also be put in the special instructions. You can typically find service times on obituary posted on the funeral home’s website. Funeral service arrangements are typically sent for the viewing, otherwise they are sent directly to the location of the service before the time of service. If a time of service isn’t given to us, then we’ll look up the earliest service time and get it delivered before the service.


We will typically have arrangements delivered to the porch for residential locations unless circumstances such as weather will be expected to have a significant adverse impact on the flowers. Flowers not delivered due to nobody being home at the time of delivery may be delivered the next day or the recipients may be called to pick up the arrangement at the store.


We will try to honor your request to cancel an order. We might not be able to honor your request if the order has already been sent out for delivery. If you would like to cancel an order, be sure to contact us as soon as possible by either calling us, using our online contact form, or emailing us.

Hospital/Nursing Home Deliveries

When placing an order going to a hospital or nursing home, a room number should also be put in the address details, as well as the first and last name that the room is under. Hospitals will sometimes reject deliveries because the patient is still recovering in ICU (Intensive Care Unit). We will not be able to complete the delivery until the patient is moved out from ICU. Deliveries may be delivered after the date of delivery requested should the recipient be in ICU at the time of delivery. If the patient is discharged during the day of delivery before the flowers are delivered, then a home address will be needed for us to complete delivery.

School/College Deliveries

Schools have strict policies regarding the delivery of flowers to students. Most schools will not accept any flower arrangements that have glass vases or latex balloons. We’ll try to comply with the policies by substituting glass vases with plastic vases and send mylar balloons instead of latex. It’s recommended that the flowers be delivered to a home address instead. If the flowers are going to a college, a dorm or mailbox would be an acceptable delivery address.